Tutorials: Music Theory 101

Music Theory 101

Bummed out that I would not be seeing my family this 2012 Thanksgiving, I decided to make good use of my 4 days off while I am only working one job. I am supposed to be working two jobs starting this November 30th but that is not official yet.

I thought I'd be cheap by coming to Starbux to steal their wifi but based on the amount of money I am spending on Caramel Fraps, I am starting to consider just paying for my own internet at the house.

I started here before I dove back into relearning Reason.

Besides the obvious mental overload, this was an awesome tutorial for me. I will probably spend the rest of the week practicing the melodies and trying to memories the different scales and modes. Turns out music is very mathematical and there are a lot of formulas used by different sales of music from POP to Blues and Jazz. You could hear the clear difference adding or subtraction one note in the formula made in the style of music heard. There are a lot more sections I will have to revisit but right now Melody was more than enough. You can spend a year studying that ALONE.