Reason 6: 105 Audio

Holy Time Stretch Batman!

So here is the background on what was happening here. I have had Record 1.5 and Reason 6.5 for a long time now. But because I was in the middle of moving to Houston from Phoenix as well as dissolving a 16 year long relationship, I haven't had time to make a beat in literally over a year. According to my website I haven't made a beat since August 2010! So that's actually over 2 years!

So when I finally got going in these programs again, I was wondering why Record wasn't seeing Reason so I could pull Reason instruments into it.

I was trying to launch Reason 6.5 and since I didn't have valid license codes it wouldn't run. And then the website downloads needed me to insert valid Reason 5 discs to launch, which I left in Phoenix in storage. I guess Record only sees Reason 5. So when I tried to reinstall it I totally failed. LOL.

So for Black Friday, Propellerheads had a 50 percent off sale.

I come to Starbucks to get their wifi and logic to drop massive amounts of money on software and all of a sudden, the site realizes I have valid Reason 6.5 codes and I download and install it and I can start making beats again.

Then here was the break through…

I guess Reason 6.5 handles recorded Audio so well that you don't even need Record which is probably why Record doesn't see anything newer than Reason 5.

Sorry I am a little late on this.

My point is, I cannot wait to get loose with time stretching son! What I wonder is, when I make a premade beat and then pull it into logic to test it against my existing acappelas, I wonder what the tracks will stretch into a sound like. I might not even need to use logic depending on how this Reason decides to act once I get up and running at full speed on it.

Very dope.


James said...

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