Reason 6: 104 - Instruments

Now this got deep.

Whoa bro. There are a lot of new instruments in Reason. And they took a lot of the existing instruments and beefed them the hell up. Again, I really liked the visual treatment of the synths. They really help you understand synths and how they work.

I always kinda laugh to myself when I think about how people talk about how certain apps have different sounds and why that makes certain apps better than others. If you understand the fundamentals, you can make all apps and software do what you want. It's just about how proficient you are in those apps.

I would go into detail about all the instruments one at a time but I'll just say this… Thor is a beast. Kong is insanely powerful regarding processing and individual drum sound editing. And the overall customizing of the rack and its instruments as far as layout and organizing go is dope. You can now create instruments and lay them out horizontally. So you can have all your samplers in one column, synths in another and effects in another.

Gonna be very fun creating songs in this version of Reason.