120801 - Documenting for Efficiency

The left side is the audio and visual files... The right side are the volumes.

I have my hands in a million things. As my hard drive copies over gigs of video data I have been recording over the last few years, it looks like the engine is starting to really rev up. Because I am running out of space on my hard drive, I have had to address files I had on my 2TB external back ups. I had DVD builds I no longer needed regarding older projects I was editing using Adobe Premiere. But now I have Final Cut Pro, Motion, iDVD and iMovie. So I am converting all my projects over to be able to use that software. That allows me to free up a lot of space.

 It's a strange stage because I am getting ready to GET READY. Lining up things so when it gets real it's really real. My old computer cannot process the media I am messing with. But I am still learning the software and gathering the assets so when I do pull the trigger on that new Macbook Pro and a new Windows 7 Work Station, I can just start sprinting through work. I have enough raw material to process 2 more volumes of beats with videos. I just need to edit it and bounce it all out.

 But not only is my magazine full, I am still stock piling massive amounts of art ammo. I am trying to learn all kinds of new software, build the bike, build the 3000GT and finish a bunch of art for an upcoming art show. I just hope God keeps me around long enough to push it all out.


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