Storing Crates and Vinyl

The records you see here were my Uncle's. I could write a whole novel about experiences with my Uncle but it's a little too soon for that. He passed away a few months ago and I am holding his records for my Aunt, his sister. Chances are though, I will end up with them. I haven't had a chance to go through them but I am sure there are some super gems in there. He was a fellow Libra and a Q-Dog and I can bet there is nothing but awesomeness in this collection. I don't think I will get to be able to go through them like I want to until this time next year. But I hope I get everything I need to get done this year to set me up to be in a position to listen to every one of these records next year. I would hope to also share a story or two about my Uncle.

My plan is to do a review of each album.

God willing.