The Custom MK and SF Hybrid

I usually won't build a custom stick because I don't have time and I don't really have the skill for that. What I mean is, I want to be able to provide a top notch product with no kinds of imperfections. But when you build something from scratch with your own hands, there is always going to be some character built into the finished product. Even though this stick is not perfect, it is the best stick I have done so far. Sure, it has a lot of things about it I don't like, but this is the first and only Street Fighter Mortal Kombat Hybrid Cross Platform Stick that opens up that I have built. I doubt I will build any more of these because opening the stick is not really a big deal to me, but it does allow for more surface area to put artwork onto which is why I even build these things in the first place.

I clamped down the stick so I can sand the edges so I have nice flush surfaces. So when I close the box, the edges all line up. You can see I have external hinges for this box. But I used internal hinges for the customer's stick.

Here are the internal hinges and you can see the button layout. I use this 3/8's MDF board but I think I am going to start using 7/8's MDF board because it drills a lot cleaner. Or I get a drill press. Drill press is probably a better option. I don't want these sticks to get really heavy. But the thicker board is very nice and sturdy.

This is the finished stick on my desk at work. The screen saver is a CG Felker illustration. You see I have a mash up of all the illustrations that I and CG Felker have done so far. I also ended up adding artwork the client emailed me.

This is a corner shot where you can see the USB port. No cords hanging of this model.

This is the other corner. The left corner. You see the Home, Start, Select and Turbo button.

This is the front of the stick. You see the latch right under the handle. It takes away some of the efficiency of the handle but that isn't a deal breaker. If I had to redo this, I'd put the handle on the side where you see the Smoke artwork and the USB port.

Here you see the bottom artwork is upside down but that was due to a last second change by the client. Originally he wanted a different graphic on the bottom but I think he forget he made that request and then changed it.

This art was supposed to be the bottom. So I had the client's various gamer tags on it. I changed it to the Mortal Kombat art he sent me on the back and I didn't want to drill holes into Chun Li's head so I flipped the art around. I also decided that the box should open this way because it makes it easier to work on the buttons if you have to replace anything because it stands sturdy like a tripod. I was rushing to finish this for the client to you see some imperfections in the lacquer finish but they aren't big. Just small things I notice that bother me.

A closer look at the hinges.

A view from the bottom. I was concerned with the button layout but after testing it out, it isn't as bad as I thought. The layout is tight enough that you don't really get lost on the buttons.

Another corner shot...

One more corner shot.

This shows you the scale. It is large but not obnoxiously large. Sticks aren't gonna be tiny unless you use really small parts and plastic shells. Since this is build out of rather thick wood, it's gonna be a little thick. But that is a good thing. The stick doesn't move around while you play it. It's stable like a table.

This is how it looks on my lap. See… not big at a all really.