Current Workspace as of 01.01.12

::: As of January 2012 :::

My last two homes had great workspaces. But I just sold my last place in the transition back to Phoenix from Nashville. I am currently sleeping on the floor of my soon to be Brother-In-Laws house. The idea was to move in and help with my nephews because everyone had crazy schedules. It was my nephew's first year of tackle football. So I was on sight to make sure I video taped all the practices and games. I ended up making DVD's for all the kids and their parents so no one forgets this very important year. When one of these fools blows up and makes it into the NFL and ESPN wants to use footage for their highlight reel when the win an ESPY, they can mentally thank me for hooking them up.

Just because I do not have the comforts of a dope workspace does not mean the work stops. So this is my current set up. I sleep next to all my work. These are the sticks I am currently working on. I want to finish a few this March so I can focus on other projects this April. I really want to do it right for my first Comicon booth. Devastation Event was great practice but now it is time to get ready for the big show. Every year Comicon is growing and I don't want to be a late arrival.

So everything currently goes down in a 12 by 12 room. I eat, sleep, produce beats, edit videos, update blogs, build Mortal Kombat Sticks, and slowly rebuild my motorcycle. The goal is to have a better set up by April but I think it wont be until July before I get a better working space. Maybe even October.

Only God knows...