Beats, beats and more beats...

So.... I have not made one beat this year. Okay that's a lie. I made one beat for a highlight reel of a high school basketball player but I don't count that one because I whipped it up in like 30 minutes. This is sad because my goal of producing 365 remixes looks next to impossible. but no worries...

I purposely have not been making beats because before I sit back down in front of the MPC, I want to study all the beats I have been collecting of the last 3 years. As you can see, I have around 2000 beats to go through. I am going to organize them and throw some away. And I might.... might.... upload the ones I pull out as the best of the best and share them with you few loyal followers.

I am extremely organized. So much so, that I do not let iTunes build my play lists. I manually create those collections in folders that way i can rebuild those playlists on any device. Be it my phone, my CPU or iPod. So far it's gonna look something like:

INST - Smoker (laid back shit)

INST - Bangers (hype fight music)

INST - Headnodders (basic boom bap chops)

Stay tuned!