Manny > King Hippo

The question is, does Mayweather care more about money or his legacy? Does he wanna risk his record and how he is remember by fighting Manny? I don't think he has a choice. It is either avoid the fight, lose a bunch of money and save his unbeaten record with an astericks and claim he is he best. Fight and win proving what he has been claiming for years and make a buttload of money. Or fight and lose ruining his unbeaten record and not be remembered as the best but rather proving that Manny is indeed the best fighter ever. I really don't know if we will ever see this fight man. I hope we do.


Clinton Felker said...

I think it will happen after pac is more washed out. Floyd will try to catch pac out of his prime. but then Floyd will be washed out too. Very slippery slope for him. he's already tainting his legacy. he will be known as the champ who dodged the real,champ.

Ominous Red said...

Hopefully even then he destroys Mayweather. I don;t know if you saw it but after the fight I think it was Max Kellerman called out Mayweather on doing just that... fighting boxers who are beyond their prime.