Movie Review: Revolutionary Road

::: Man Card Revoked :::

Super Spoiler Alert: Watch this movie before you read this review.

So here's the story. I have got a few buddies that are hardcore Christian Church goers. I am not. I grew up with a Baptist Father. A Catholic Mother. A Muslim Aunt. A Seventh Day Adventist Grandmother. A Brother who was briefly Mormon. An Atheist Brother. And a Christian girlfriend. So religion is a huge grab bag for me.

So my buddy tells me about about this "fun" program his is going through and thinks I should go with him. Next thing I know, I am at a church self-help like group with a bunch of men in a program called Men's Fraternity. We watch a very interesting 45 minute video and then we break into tables of about 8 to talk about the video we just watched. I end up sitting at a table with the HEAD PASTOR and the guy who is mediating the whole thing so I am pretty nervous because I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

And I ain't about being fake so I am about to bounce.

But the conversation and the video we watched was mad interesting.

Being a Black Man and witnessing this epidemic of dead beat Dad's and struggling men, I was very interested in this program that dives into the problems modern men are facing in today's society. So I end up attending every class and completing the program and I have to say, it was a life changing event. I am not a born again Christian or anything, but I definitely a much better man for completing the program. So here is what I learn...

The definition of what Manhood is all about it simple and true as far as I can tell.

A man rejects passivity. Accepts responsibility. And leads courageously all for the greater good.

Now.... you may or may not agree with that and that's fine. All I am saying is, every man I know who is struggling is falling short somewhere in this definition. And I only know 2 men, who seem to have their manhood in check completely. Now at no point does it mean you are a perfect person. It just seems to mean that you are not struggling if you have this kind of DNA. And the 2 men I personally know that are great examples of men fit this definition completely.

And that is what this movie is all about.

So when you watch it, and let me give you a heads up, it is heavy and messed up, come back here and let me know what you think of it. Or you can click on the picture and pitch your opinion over at the IMDB forums.