Movie: Inglorious Bastards

I guess I am too dumb for QT movies man. A lot of his stuff is over my head. I know there are no real rules when it comes to art. And it is all about communication and a message to be passed on through the work. But sometimes with QT films, I don;t understand what is trying to be conveyed. All the hype around this movie had me expecting a grip of action.

With that said, the movie was really dope as far as dialog goes.

This movie had one of the best opening scenes I have ever seen in a movie. The whole conversation was dope.

But then everything after that was over my head man. The Bear Jew. Pitt uncomfortably playing a Southern War hero. Double agents meeting in bars instead of meeting in a secret room somewhere. Aiming you gun at someone's balls instead of their head. Austin Powers showing up halfway into the movie. Not knowing how to kick a f*cking door in to get out of a room. No understanding of the idea of operating COVERTLY. I mean seriously. Sneaking in right in front of the enemy? What? With all the holes all over the plots, the one thing that the movie had going... that almost all QT movies has going, was the dialog.

Great dialog.