Motorcycle: Service Harrier

::: You've Been Served :::

Personal Preference Rating: 7/10

Concept wise, it's a ten. But, visually it is too busy. Some nice fairing work around the main engine area would make this look a little better but still maintain the concept by not disrupting the balance of the unique front wheel steering design. And naturally, you can make a seat that has the same visual effect of that metal seat, but actually make it comfortable.


Jason @ PSB said...

dude i swear i replied to your comment on the other bike post. no, i don't ride. sometimes i want a bike, by my fam would probably kill me. my father in law was in a bad bike accident when he was in the navy.

anyways, this bike is butt ugly. 1/10

Ominous Red said...

Yeah. The exposed look never really works. If it has some dope fairing work, it would be a lot better.