Motorcycle: Dooookie!

::: Red! Red! Red! :::

Personal Preference Rating: 9.5/10

Dope tank. Cool red rear view mirrors. Red framing matching the tank and fairings. Only thing I would change is the rear fairing. Maybe make it a little more sharper as it bends around the pipes which I love. Maybe make the rims black. Other wise, mean and stout like I like them.


Jason @ PSB said...

You got any bikes? You post all these bad pics! What do you ride?

Ominous Red said...

That's a funny story.

I grew up around bikes. My Pops is a mechanic and had bikes. So when I was ready to get mine, I took safety riding lessons. And then went I went to get mine, my family put a huge guilt trip on me. So I never got one. but then my brother did. I'm a 600 guy but I can go all the way up to a 1000. My brother had a Honda Repsol.

You got a bike?