Mayweather vs Mosley

::: Fight Night :::

Well, Mosley, who I think is a cheater, destroyed Antonio Margarito. And I guess he is about to fight Berto which will be followed by Mayweather.

Gonna be interesting. Here is Mayweather's activity as of late.

Sept. 19 -- Juan Manuel Marquez, Las Vegas, NV, W 12

2008 --*INACTIVE

Dec. 8 -- Ricky Hatton, Las Vegas, NV, TKO 10
(Retained WBC Welterweight Title)

May 5 -- Oscar De La Hoya, Las Vegas, NV, W 12
(Won WBC Jr. Middleweight Title)

Nov. 4 -- Carlos Baldomir, Las Vegas, NV, W 12
(Won WBC Welterweight Title)

Apr. 8 -- Zab Judah, Las Vegas, NV, W 12
(Won IBF Welterweight Title)

Nov. 19 -- Sharmba Mitchell, Portland, OR, TKO 6

June 25 -- Arturo Gatti, Atlantic City, NJ, TKO 6
(Won WBC Light Welterweight Title)

When you see who he has battled with in the last few years, it becomes even more evident that he has dodged some of the best fighters out. Why hasn't he fought Clottey, Cotto, Margarito, Manny, Mosely and Paul Williams when they all seem to have fought each other.

The guys he has fought have either been smaller than him or on their way out the game.



Gurlie said...

The much awaited fight of the year, watch mayweather vs mosley. If mosley will overcome floyd mayweather in this fight, he is eager to fight manny pacman pacquaio. But for now, he must train well in order to defeat mayweather. So, I will watch out for this fight and hopefully, the best fighter will win in this match.