Movie Review: The Big Lebowski

::: Cluster F-Word Bomb :::

So I watched The Big Lebowski for the first time the other night to test out the streaming capabilities of Netflix movies over my PS3. I knew this was a MUST-WATCH title with a cult following so I was excited to see it. I was a little empty when it was over. I definitely laughed a lot during the film but I had a hard time finding any meaning and understanding in the movie.

I searched high and low for some sort of explanation and came across this Blog post.

I just had to take a second to thank Todd Alcott for explaining it all.

I have a much greater appreciation for this film.

I wish I was better at connecting my own dots.


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Jason @ PSB said...

I can't believe you hadn't seen this movie, it's a classic and was a requirement in my college days, LOL, but I'll give you a pass. It gets better each time you watch it. And that's an awesome review, as always, new shii has come to light!

Ominous Red said...

I know man. One of my new years resolutions is to not be ashamed of the truth. There are a lot of movies I have to watch that many people regard as MUST WATCH level. This was just one of many. I plan on watching like 100 movies this year and trying to refine my top 10 list. I only watched the movie once. Now that I know the background and underlying meanings of the movie, I am sure the second time I watch it, it will be even better.

Jason @ PSB said...

What if... William Shakespeare wrote The Big Lebowski? http://www.runleiarun.com/lebowski/

My friend's friend Tweeted this link. LOL

Ominous Red said...

Hahahaha. Great find.

"Obviously thou art not a golfer."