Release the Mutha'effen Kraken

He should have said RELEASE THE KRAKEN like this...

Release the Kraken...

You sure you wanna release the, "I SAID RELEASE THE BLOODY KRAKEN!!!!!"

::: Love :::

The sheer size of it. So big!

The insane roar and attention to detail like the breath of it during the scream.

The shell/armor design. Looks like it has some sort of helmet/head cover that retracts as it comes out of the water. There are some fine details I keep noticing after watch it over and over again like how the armor/shell is moved around with mollusk like muscle membrane. I know a lot of people say it isn't original but I think they did a perfect job of balancing between respecting the original design and updating it to make it even more fierce and "REALISTIC" if that is the word we want to use here. I mean, it looks like a mix between a Snake-Turtle-Octopus-Shark-humanoid. It looks like something we would recognize as a sea monster as opposed to something that looks completely alien. But I think the designers wanted something that looked a lot more POWERFUL. So naturally a huge jaw/mandible is almost automatic instead of a corny octopus beak or predator crab ant mandibles. I didn't like the six eyes initially but again, I think that is a hint back at the whole 8 legged crab/spider thing. It's head is basic but I think it was designed to look powerful enough to take a lot of damage.

I mean think about it. You wouldn't design a tough truck to look like a Ferarri.

I hope there is a scene of it doing something like nom noming on a huge whale to help really show the scale of it.

::: Hate :::

That I couldn't see more of it.

That it doesn't get to fight anything else that is the same size of it. I thought King King would have been the doorway into more huge monster fights but I guess I am going to have to wait until I see the remake of 7th Voyage of Sinbad to see a decent giant fight since Cloverfield and Transformers 2 let me down.

I cannot wait to see the awesome fight scene in 7th Voyage of Sinbad redone.



Jason @ PSB said...

That's crazy that they're making a remake! I was just telling my wife about the original Clash of the Titans the other day. I was playing God Of War 2 and had to fight Perseus. She's never seen the original! I'm a terrible husband.

Ominous Red said...

I know man. Movies are getting insane these days. You know they are remaking a lot of stuff. I even heard they are remaking Robocop... should be interesting.