Producer: Good Ear

::: Good Ear :::

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GoodEar claims to be influenced by MF Doom, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. I checked out the music, and I think that is very evident. You can def hear the influences in the audio.

Funky Skunk:
Very atmospheric. Nothing I would roll around the car listening too. But I def her the work put into the arrangement.

Curiously Vicarious:
Not my style musically. But, it's a decent chop. The focused angle of the content regarding the emcee it def props worthy. The kicks are kinda heavy and the samples used and layered I don't think really compliment the subject matter. But again, the focus on the subject matter by the emcee is something I don't see a lot of in today's music.

Dark Chocolate:
Same thing here as I heard with Funky Skunk. A lot of atmosphere. With instrumentals, they tend to remind me of abstract or landscaped paintings. The composition is the most important part. So the question is, when you have music like this, you need a little more than mutes. Throw some panning and reverbs and echoes in there and you will give the listener a heavier experience. Sort of like DJ Shadow and other artists that build up tracks.

Cool samples to work from. Beat needs some meat though. Like if you wanted to hum this song to yourself, you couldn't cuz it feels like there is no main melody.

Vibe Reverse:
Dope beat. Nice chop. just EQ and clean up the mix and separate some of the sounds so make it a little less muddy, and this would be a dope ass track.

M Fingers:
Very nice chop. I like the bass drops too. This beat doesn't need anything else besides some engineering polishing. Maybe some EQ to really bring out those keys.

Right There:
Don't like the beat and the vocal treatment. But I like the mental leaking in the lyrics. I think mental lyrics are the best because they aren't empty.

Nice sample to begin with. Very nice chop. Probably my favorite beat on the page.


Anonymous said...

thanks for checking out my stuff and posting it up here, i really appreciate it. yeah i never eq'ed ANY of those tracks because i still don't know how to do it effectively at all. need some work in that department, thanks again.

Ominous Red said...

I too am trying to really learn the art of mixing and mastering. I went to the book store and picked up a COMPUTER MUSIC MAGAZINE special that is all about mixing and mastering. It is a learning curve but once you start getting the hang of it, it really make s a difference. Once you get the basic idea of compression and the purpose of EQ, you can really see and hear it make a difference in your production.

Stay on your grind man.