MPC T-Shirt Design 001

I am printing up some 2500 shirts. I am also working on some 1000's.

Let me know what you guys think. They are silk screened so they are the professional quality you will find like on a GAP or Old Navy silk screened t-shirt. But I am currently printing on different kinds of shirts to narrow it down to the best kinds of shirts to print on. This first batch were on Jerzee and Champion shirts. But I might also try Anvil and American Apparel.

The reason why I started making these is because people are always hitting me up for artwork but can't afford the artwork. So shirts are a lot cheaper and probably a little more fun to wear. I get tired of wearing the generic headphone and cassette tape shirts I find at Old Navy so I am going to start making my own shirts. I figured I'd offer them to other heads that want more producer oriented clothing.

Get at me man.


Jason @ PSB said...

"people are always hitting me up for artwork but can't afford the artwork."

How much do you typically charge for a piece? Just curious.

I'm definitely down for some shirts.

Ominous Red said...

The oversized paintings are $300. But the shipping alone is like $200 because they are so big. I am working on getting an oversized printer so I can print out and roll up huge posters so people can buy those because they are cheaper to buy and ship. We'll see. Its a goal of mine for 2010.

And if you click the picks, they take you to the shirts.

I should have about 5 different designs but the end of November.

Fingers crossed.

Jason @ PSB said...

That ain't bad, I would definitely go for that. Shipping is a bear though. If we ever get moved into a new place with more space I will have to get one of your peices. In college I collected all my friends work. I like to think I have a decent collection, lol. Shirts and prints are a go! Best of luck bro.

Ominous Red said...

Well let me know when you get that bigger crib son! I might let you get the huge ones on the super cheap. Like $100 and then the shipping. We'll see.

Let me know when it goes down. Hell, I might even whip you up a custom.


L said...

Hell yes, do it!

Ominous Red said...

Hahahaha. Yes maam!

shonsteez said...

thats wussup man, you and me both!!!
So did u screen them yourself?...thats what im getting into very soon too since i figure its more cost effective. Ive still yet to have the money to screen my own designs through a normal screenprint shop. :(

Ominous Red said...

Yeah man. I have been rocking the same shirts for years. And I want some new ones but I don;t like a lot of what I find. So now I am just going to make my own shirts and then make a few more for people that want them. You can find plans to build your own screen press for super cheap man. All you need is like garage space to build the frames and it is actually really easy.

The trick is designing a shirt that people will actually want to rock. I have found a list of 50 shirt sites that have great designs that you can get style ideas from. I will put those sites in my blog roll eventually.

shonsteez said...

Word, im on the same exact tip bro. I hate buying shirts. Id rather make my own. And ive been researching DIY screening for a while but just never got around to pursuing it yet. Plus I need to figure out something that I can break down afterwards since i dont have a garage.

Link me to where u found the framing info tho! And how much did everything cost u out of curiosity?

Ominous Red said...

To test out the whole process, I bought a YUDU unit for $200 bux. And spent another 200 in screens, ink, T-Shirt platens and actual T-Shirts.

The YUDU is dope because it is mad easy. But it is also very limited. It can't print larger than 11 x 14. And getting that big is kinda hard. It also is not very good at multi color. I did those Primo shirts and I ended up having issues with ink bleed. Which to the common eye is not detectable but since I knew what I was trying to do, I know what went wrong.

The Caveman shirts are the reason why I started making shirts. I have about 20 ideas for dumb shirts my friends and I have talked about over the years. I just want to make them all and wear them. There is some good money in shirt design, but it really isn't that different from the beat grind. You can make beats for cheap but the question becomes "WHO WILL ROCK THEM?"

Same thing with shirts.

Making shirts is not hard, it's finding the people that are willing to wear them that can be a bit of a challenge.

shonsteez said...

Word. I feel u 100% dude. Ive pondered the same issues many a time. Ever since I screened my first shirt in highschool for an art class Ive always wanted to design shirts so Im def lookin to make it happen in 2010 fasho just always something in the way like bills if you feel me but yeah, thats cool man. I didnt think u actually bought a press. It looks like your getting good results with it tho so at least its paying for itself which is good.

Im thinking of going 100% DIY tho and I thought thats what u did too so I was curious about your process....

Keep at it dude. You got skills.

Ominous Red said...

When you order shirts in bulk, you can get them as cheap as $1.88. But then you are stuck with like 100 shirts of one color. What I do is just buy whatever I can for $5. And shipping is only like $4 max. So if you sell one for $20, you can make a $10 profit. The cheaper the shirt, the more money you make. You may even be able to consign in a local store or independent store at the mall. Having the YUDU systems lets me make shirts as they are ordered. What I have to focus on is creating better designs. I keep rushing it.

The other limitation is the screen mesh of the YUDU. It is like 110. While really good high quality printers use like a 300 and up.

But I am satisfied with it so far.

I just want to get a real set up with ALL OVER PRINTING capabilities.

shonsteez said...

Word. If you get a all-purpose printing press tho you can easily spend upwards to a G what with the flashing gear, platens, etc...But in the end I still think even the professional gear pays for itself after u start breaking even.

Ive had so many people ask for designs Ive done on shirts that Im just tired of turning heads down these days, I was ironically gonna cop a 1 color press a while back after flipping some beats but I had to pay for wifey's doc bills....and so the world turns. lol.

Ominous Red said...

You may want to look into financing. I know that the silk screen supplier site has financing options. Like you said, it may just pay for itself.

And her is a site with the plans to build one. I might do this when I get a place with the room for it.