Movie Review: The Visitor

There are a lot of movies that focus on developing the characters by watching them instead of their dialog. And sometimes the movie suffers because it becomes a little boring due to the lack of dialog. The pace is slow because no one is saying anything. But this movie has the perfect balance of dialog and action in developing its characters. The story is full of unique people who are all believable. I wont say I loved the movie because of how it wrapped itself up but I definitely liked the film.

All movies are challenged with the fact that they only have a small amount of time to develop their characters and get their point across. So one of the characters was a little forced to me. I'll let you watch the movie and see if you felt the same way. I mean, the situation is already very unique and I can imagine it is hard to really convey the authenticity of a situation like this in an hour and a half.

My favorite thing about the movie was the depiction of love.

Most movies tend to over romanticize it. They portray it like some super magical situation where everything is euphoric and the individuals have this ultra bond that is established almost at first sight. People meet each other and then find they have things in common and discover they have this amazing chemistry between each other. But this film shows you that the bond that love creates sometimes, is just that. A BOND. You may not have a lot in common or have a lot of chemistry and connectivity. It may not even be sexual. Sometimes it is just having a chance of a connection worth having. And that was what I liked about this movie. You had two people, who were brought together through a hardship. And then a dialog of unspoken body language helped develop and uncover the bond of love that is there even though little else may be there.

And the way the movie communicated that, made this movie dope as hell to me.