Gear: 99 Problems

::: I want 99 Jordans :::

I am tired of always looking for shirts I want. So I decided to start designing shirts. These are 2 ideas I had for the shirt remix contest over at Karma Loop.

What do you like most about the Sneaktip Brand?

One word... Sneaktip. There is a play on words here. I have recently gotten on the SNEAK TIP with my first pair of XXIII's. And... I like to play a game with the ladies called "SNEAK TIP". You know, where I sneak the tip in.

If you could redesign a Sneaktip tee shirt, which one would it be and why?

I wouldn't redesign any of the shirts. I think they are all dope. I would just design a grip of new ones because I got a ton of ideas yo!

If you could flip the 99 Problems Tee, how would you flip it?

See the attached files to see my dope remix.

If you had the opportunity to design for Sneaktip, what new concepts would you bring to the brand?

My mantra would be, "Things you didn't remember you remembered." Shirts that would make people laugh at loud when they saw you and then they would ask you where the hell you bought it.

If you win, would you want your tee to be a general release or a quick strike (one time drop)?

General release. Because all my tees would be insta-classics.

Are you a sneaker head? If so, which sneaker inspires you?

My first sneaks were the Ewings. But the REAL ones I jones for were the Purple Air Max joints that came out back in the day. I even drew a picture of them and put them on my wall. But now, Jordans are everything to me. And I don't collect them. I actually wear them. What I have found is that really really good things are always around. For example, I kept my Dreamcast because that was the only way I could play Marvel VS Capcom 2. But I eventually sold it for the cash. Then guess what hits the online PS3 store? Marvel VS Capcom deuce! So I ain't worried about Jordans not being around. And it's a crime to die owning Jordans that you never rocked. I rock them shits yo! I want to have 99 Jordans and all of them are worn down to the leathers. I will die wearing Jordans.

What about your designs & concepts set you apart from other designers?

The content. My shirts don't say LOOK AT ME. They say SOMETHING. My designs breath the art of visual communication. When you walk into a movie theater, there will be at least 5 people that instantly know what the hell you represent when they see a shirt that I designed.

What do you hope to achieve from designing a Sneaktip tee?

What SNEAKTIP will achieve is Legendary Status as the best shirts ever created with me as a designer on their front lines. It will be the only shirt that earned the same GOAT STATUS as the shoe itself.