eBay: Bosch Massive Air Flow Sensor

::: I got that Massive Air Flow :::

I own a VW Jetta and had the MAF replaced. I took it to two different shops and ended up with an extra MAF. This is a NEW Bosch Air Flow Meter # 0 280 218 002. This item is OE # 06A 906 461 A. This also fits 0 280 218 003 ( 0 280 218 003 ). BEWARE OF CHEAPER FAKE / COPY Air Flow Meters that fail with a few months. Trust Bosch Quality. Air Flow Meters are also known as Air Mass Senors, Air Flow Sensor, Air Mass Meter, Mass Flow Meter and Mass Air Meter. Air Flow Meters (AFM) measures the air mass that flows through the air filter to the engine. This information is then sent to the control unit in order to specify the fuel injection rate. Common symptoms for an AFM that needs replacement include: Erratic Engine Operation Reduced Performance Engine Stalling or Cutout Increased Fuel Consumption It is buyers responsibility to make sure this item fits their specific vehicle.