Dr. Dre is the Greatest

::: Dr. Dre :::

I'm gonna point out what eMiNeNT D0M@iN is trying to say.

DRE is def top 3 if not number one as far as producing goes. But... a lot of his work, sampled based, is a straight rape of the original. Which is why I like Primo more than I like Dre. Primo will FLIP something. In other words he will take something that you would never think a beat can be made out of, and turn that shit into something ILL. Like Jeru's Come Clean.

A lot of Dre's work, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, is just a polished version of the original sampled material. I don't hear what I would call a FLIP.

But like yall said.... THAT IS HIP HOP.

There is nothing wrong with that. Some of the best beats work that way. Like Das EFX They Want EFX. Staright Guitar Watson sample. Not much done to it but lopped it up. There is no way to measure how much someone flipped something. I am just saying that I tend to give a little more credit to someone who completely transformed something into something hot than to someone who took something that was ALREADY DOPE, and just polished it.

NO I.D. had this sample flip exercise where he challenged all of us to flip some Nautilus and naturally, the producers who really took the samples far left or right got the most props because they showed some real skill and creativity in really FLIPPING it. Everyone came out with some very different arrangements.

But at the end of the day... all that seems to matter to people is how it sounds. They don't care that it is a straight loop with some kicks and snares over it. They don't care if it was a completely original arrangement hand played by the producer. They don't care that an unknown producer arranged it, to have it bought by a FAMOUS Producer who then gets to take the credit. They don't care if the producer hired a violinist because the producer cannot play a violin.

They just want to know if it is worth listening to in their car or iPod.