Video Game: Batman

::: Dopest Dark Knight :::

I'm late as hell so I finally got a PS3 after rock'n the 360 for a couple of years.

Batman was the first game I got after considering Metal Gear and InFamous.

I was very impressed with this game. It was short and some of the boss battles were more like puzzles than fights. Ivy was the only one that felt like a fight but the story line and surprises were dope. I didn't expect the fight with Joker to go the way it did. What they shud have done was have Croc come in first and then have Joker decide to finish the fight himself.

But I see this game a lot like how I saw God of War 1. It sets you up for all the other dope sh*t coming down the pipe. I am sure the sequels will be ill as hell. A couple of things to look forward to would be:

-Using a Vehicle, Jet or Car

-Battling with even more enemies now that you have their BIO's

-Seeing the fight control develop so you have even more control

-Using more characters like Robin

This game reminded me a lot of BioShock. So being able to modify your weapons with things you find on the map once you get back to the back cave would be dope too...

Click the picture of Bane to watch the Video Game nerd explain why I am so happy to finally see a dope Batman game come out..


Welcome To Mezatron said...

I loved this game, never fount all the riddler clues tho

Ominous Red said...

Me either. I was never really good at puzzles and searching anyway. Hell, I can't get past the first Challenge without getting hit.

Ohh well. Practice makes perfect.