001 Remix

My very first remix. The one I am the most proud of. Sure, at the time, I didn't know much about producing. I still don't really. But I am light years ahead of where I was when I did this remix. The reason why I am so proud of this remix is because it was intentional. See most of my remixes are experimental. I am just trying different things. But this remix was born before I ever touched a beat machine or computer. The first time I watched Ghost in the Shell and I heard the soundtrack playing in the movie... the first thing I thought was... damn someone should make a beat out of this. And that is what made me start producing. You can't sit around waiting for Primo, Pete Rock or Blockhead to do everything.

001 instrumental

001 Beat Kit

Some feedback I dropped over at UGHH.com

All Day is dope. I initially didn't like the hats but after I listened for a while I didn't mind. The flow was nice. Beat 1 was a nice chop. I love that boom bap chop shit. Beat 2 was real mellow. Beat 3 was too slow for me. I really liked Beat 1 though.

Dutches is ill as fuk. I like that arrangement. Dope chops and nice drums. I like the mutes in the drums. Flow is nice. Porn Bitches is cool. The kicks seem to get lost in the sample. But I like the chop for sure. Hypnotic I didn't like that much. Maybe if I was high as hell I would like it more. Fast Life is dope. Sonically kinda murky but the drums are ill. I like thick kicks like that. When the beat changes though... I didn't like that beat that much. Didn't like Chestburn.

Goat had a very interesting composition. We Gro Dat Dro had no bottom end so I couldn't really feel that one. You! was pretty dope. Nice chop. Long ass intro but the beat was pretty aggressive. Maybe some more bottom end? Frozen remix... not felling it.

AS always... dope ass arrangement. Everything was good in this beat. This sounds good in the whip.

Props for flipping the capcom game intro but none of your music was my cp of tea man. Ulterior was the only one I could really listen to.

BK Beats:
Didn't know where to get your beats.

I am not a Lady Gaga fan. Couldn't get into this. But props for the remix and syncing it to video. I know Pete Rock remixed a gaga joint and that was decent but I still had a hard time getting into his mix cuz I just ain't into her music.

Dope song. There are some parts where there is a change up and some bass comes in. I wish that bass was all the way through the song.

Heavy Hitters uses the same break that was in a Big Pun track. Nice beat. I like your variation of that same sample. Can't Help It sounds like a Dre beat. Nice piano arrangement. Showdown was probably my fav beat you had up.

Wild West was cool. It had all the elements. Kick, snare, hats, bass and a sample chop but I just didn't like the theme of it. A Wild West beat isn't something I am going to be playing in my car or around the house. Pretty creative direction though.

Mi Traum is a decent chop. Drum pattern is kinda plain. No hats and the arrangement sounds robotic. The Schubert had some better drums. Doubled kicks and stuff. Greek Once was a very nice chop.

Back is nice cruise music. I like that one. Chair is pretty fukn ill. Piano was cool but sounded like it needed some bass or something. Quits was a nice arrangement too. Chair was def my favorite. Nice chops.

Aims One:
Dope stuff. You def have a character and style to your beats. 58 was nice. It seems like yo make sure your main melody is in place and then you put drums to it. 55 was pretty hard. You got some of the best battle horn beats I have heard.

Joe P:
Done it Again was too chopped up but form some reason I still liked it. Watchinu was dope. I really liked that one.

Used To Be was probably my fav beat you had up. Actually. it was the only beat I liked. The other stuff was bad man. Off timed flows. Bad lyrics. keep doing you though. You take a second to listen to these other producers and you should get a lot better.

36 was a nice chop. 53 sounds like something you would hear on the radio now. Bring that bass up. The other beats were too slow and laid back for my taste.

I got that same Resurrection acapella but I couldn't do nothing with it. I think the beat was dope but didn't go with that song. Front If You Dare was a dope track. Substance was a cool chop too. I think I liked Carry On the most out of all the beats you had up.