People of Walmart

::: Amazingly Wrong :::

I used to work at Sam's Club when I was like 20 years old.

When I lived with my Grandparents in the 6th Grade, we used to go to Sam's Club to get food in bulk because we lived in a really small town about 2 hours away from Little Rock. Naturally as a kid, I thought Sam's Club was awesome because you could get all the dope stuff in bulk. Freeze Pops. Chocolate Syrup. Cookies, Etc.

Years later, I needed some extra money so I picked up a second job while I was working at the Wherehouse Music Store at the Desert Sky Mall.

In just six months time, I was:

Employee of the Month

Employee of the Quarter

Employee of the Year

Best Customer Service of the Year

Best Work Ethic of the Year

But, I quickly quit because I received and immediate backlash of hate. The last three awards were what you call "Sam's Choice Awards" where the employees vote. So the management had to create some new awards so they could properly distribute recognition to the staff because it was a little strange that one guy won 3 of the 8 awards that 150-200 people were competing for.

Everywhere I have worked has been like a field trip for me. Instead of it being a task, it was like having an insider's edge. I got a chance to see how a place, that I grew up admiring, worked from the inside. So it wasn't really work for me. It was like hanging out at a place I used to want to hang out at when I was a kid.

But, people didn't like how much shine I got. So they started setting me up to look bad. I was supposed to be helping people with electronics and helping them pic a nice TV or Camera but instead I am all the way at the back of the store because no one can find the butcher. So while I am helping someone find some meat, they are constantly calling me over the loud speaker. Which is dumb because we all have radios and I let them know I was in the back of the store and it was gonna take a second for me to get up front. By the time I get up there, the customer is angry and the whole store is looking at me wondering where I was.

So when I quit... I just walked out in the middle of my shift never to return. Those people ruined Sam's Club for me.

Now I shop at Costco.