Get Your Lurks on

Wish I was here.

That is Tranzor Z, I don't care what YOU call him.

Are those that kid's real lips? Really?

Hobo Sandwich.

Hip Hop DJ Chicks are always Hot.

I forget how I came across this site. I think it was on another blog. Anyway... I guess it is a collection of stolen pictures from various people's computer that didn't understand that their shared folder was available to everyone on their network. If you ever super bored and like looking at weird random photos of things, this site is a time killer.

A lot of the pics are boring but about every 20 pics, there is on in there that will make you laugh.


shonsteez said...

Killin it with the eclectic blog finds lately man! lol...I got stuck on this dam site for mad long! haha.....
Too many fucked up weird/funny random pics....

shonsteez said...

Look at this fool! :)

Ominous Red said...

The thing is about this guy is... I do not know if he is for real or not. He looks for real but then he has Disney curtains in the back ground.

I got about 45% through the sight.

I want to finish it sometime this week.