Chicken Adobo + Lumpia

So I am trying to learn how to make all the good food my parents know how to make. My Dad's Read Beans and Rice. My Father-in-Law's Pork Shoulder and Brisket. My Mother-in-Law's Meatloaf....etc. This is my Mom's domain right here. I have about 20 different dishes I am trying to learn from her. I think I am going to video tape her making all of them and then youtube those joints. What you see here is here is my nephew holding up bags of Lumpia, which is a Filipino Egg Roll and a huge pot of Chicken Adobo.

This would be worthy of my last meal.

I know how to make Adobo but it doesn't come out like my Mom's because I try to "improve" the recipe but using boneless and skinless thighs. She uses whole birds chopped up. Guess I better quit messing with the formula.