Blaq Poet!

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I wasn’t trying to be negative about the interview.

My point was, there are a lot of fans of Screwball and Poet and when you finally get to hear the cat outside of the few times you get to hear him spit, you wait to hear some insight into what has been going on with him and the rest of the group. He didn’t really expand on shit.

Could you talk about your relationship with DJ Premier and how you guys came to have such a tight bond? - Yeah… we met in the 90’s.


Fuck does that tell me?

That was a great time to expand. Where were you guys? How were you guys introduced? Why did you guys fall out of touch? You guys had some great work on the 2 Screwball albums. Are you going to be the flagship Premier artist and drop like 5 classic albums with Primo? Why so long to come out with more work? Are any of the other Skrewball members on your album? Why not? Are they releasing solo projects with Premier? Why not?

What can we expect on this album?

Boom Bap.

Really? I had no idea. Your just working with the king of Boom fukn Bap. SO no one would have guessed that. I just think this was a missed opportunity to get some hype about his album going. I would like to see more work from guys from Screwball and giving 3rd grader interviews ain’t going to help. I think the window is wide open for Primo and artists like Poet to just fukn rip into the scene and rule for the next 10 years.