::: Alaska in the building :::

This cat has some nice beats. And some worthy production credits. Check out his work. I sometimes just play his radio channel front to back when I am cleaning up the studio.



shonsteez said...

That sacrifice joint on his page is a banger.

Ominous Red said...

HiJack Tomorrow is one of my favorites. Probably top 3. Its hard to pick a fav.

Hurry up with that EP Steez so I can show it some love.

Joshua said...

You have some great beats my man you are very talented. I was trying to listen to the songs with Nas but they wouldn't play. Keep up the great work do you sell your music?

Ominous Red said...

Who you talking about? Me, Steez or Alkota?

Maybe all of us? I know we all have at least one or two bangers here or there.

I have nothing for sale yet. But I will come September. I know Alkota is selling his beats and Steez is working on his EP too.

You need to put a few more tracks up on your myspace page Mr. Joshua.

Alkota said...

Thanks for the props! Been working on some solo joints that ill post up on www.alkotatrackz.com soon too! In the meantime check out mpc2000xlflashdrive.com

Ominous Red said...

I knew about the MPC flash drive. Didn't know there was an SP1200 too. Nice.