Akuma and Ryu

This is not the best picture.

But what you are looking at here is... a tattoo of Akuma and Ryu throwing fireballs at each other.

Now I know you are not supposed to steal tattoos. But I will happily steal this one. And I would make it a lot better with some nice designs all around it. The question is, should I go on an all out 80's mural with left and right battles. Ryu on the left. Akuma on the right. Autobots on the left. Decepticons on the right. GI Joe on the left. Cobra Command on the right. Primo on the left. Swizzy on the right.



L said...

dude, that is the SHIT.

def make it old school somethin... if you get it, take a lot of pix!


Ominous Red said...

It amazes me that you can even appreciate the awesomeness of this tattoo.

Just a few weeks ago, a buddy of mine gave me a custom Street Fighter XBox controller so I been playing like crazy. I was never really good but now I am getting better. I was always a fan of Ryu from day one. One of my favorite animes was the Street Fighter Animated Movie.

So anyways.

Turns out I roll with quite a few nerds. One of my boys is a manager of a Gamestop and this was one of his employees. Naturally I was impressed and really want to get something similar. So I am going to see if I can find a really dope artist and get sleeved up. I want to do it before my next birthday. But we'll see.

L said...

WHAT?! LUCKY DUCKY! Do I even have your Gamer ID on 360?! My bro made a custom SF controller too. He was askn me if I could get buttons for him here in JP but that shit is mad far and prob just as expensive.

Ryu would be my only asian boyfriend cuz I don't do asians. LOL

Uh, ima nerd too, thought you knew that? But yea man, that tattoo is tha'shit.

HADOKEN!!!!! I wish I could push out fireballs from my palms...

Ominous Red said...

I believe that Ryu is the ultimate bad ass. Even badder than Conan.

My ID is "ominousred".

I wish I knew where my boys get their buttons. he gave me a portable wireless fighting set up which is great. But I find myself pushing the controller to the left thru a round of fighting so it gets harder to throw fireballs cuz my controller is almost perpendicular to me.

I smoke cigars when I play poker and I do this thing where I hold the smoke in my mouth and then let the smoke roll out into my cupped hand. And then I throw it and scream HADOKEN! Looks just like a fireball. Just not anywhere as awesome. HA!