Coconut Popsicles

Shout out to my girl Elena for putting me on to this. So me and my boy been on a serious Coconut popsicle craze. Growing in the Philippines you get access to fresh coconuts right off the tree. And so you get snacks and treats that you just don't get out here in the states.

So anyway, coconuts are a big deal for me.

And my boy put me on to these Healdos Mexico Premium Coconut Popsicles. Seriously, every time I hook up with them, it is an automatic Street Fighter/Coconut popsiclefest. We go through a whole box in a day. I have to give the Mexican's some props for hooking this up. I wish America would take some notes on how to deliver a decent product. Look at this picture below dude. There is so much popsicle on there that there is barely any stick to hold. And there are tons of chunks of coconuts in these joints. This stuff is top notch.

So anyway, Elena tells me to hunt down one of these guys pushing a PALETAS cart cuz that is where the real magic is.

I'm sold.

Soooo funny.