A few really easy recipes that you needs to try when you are high and hungry...

This sh*t is mad easy. I went about 10 years without any and one day my buddy's mom happen to be cooking some and she let me have a bowl. I ended up eating 3 bowls. I eventually learned how to make it and it is mad easy! Basically it is like sweet potato soup with coconut milk and tapioca balls. Trust me man.. great food for the winter and not too exotic.

Cassava Cake:
Hard to describe this one. One of my all time favorites and realively easy to make. You have to go to a market to get the cassava though. Has a mild sweetness and a nice thick, creamy texture. All carbs so not very healthy, but hella delicious...

Chicken Adobo:
I make this all the time. Very easy to make. I buy some boneless chicken thighs, not breasts, because breast meat is kinda dry. Then I put in some rice vinegar, a grip of garlic, soy sauce, pepper corn, bay leaves, salt and pepper and a little water and I let it boil down until there is only a little sauce left. Throw it on some rice and paaaow!