Our Nation's Debt

Mr. Obama isn’t on course to meet his target.

But Congressional Republicans aren’t, either. Judd Gregg recently held up a chart on the Senate floor showing that Mr. Obama would increase the deficit — but failed to mention that much of the increase stemmed from extending Bush policies. In fact, unlike Mr. Obama, Republicans favor extending all the Bush tax cuts, which will send the deficit higher.

This is a very interesting article about our nations debt:


Jason@PSB said...

The more we spend, the more we'll pay. Unfortunately, nothing is free, especially when it comes to attempting to fix the economy. I think in order for our country to really take a step forward, we need to stop looking at ourselves as the leader of the world. In fact, our stake in the world is growing smaller and smaller, in comparison to population, technology, education, etc. And as our debt to ourselves and the world grows, we own less and less of what we think is ours. It's kind of scary when you think about it.

Ominous Red said...

I completely agree. We need to adopt an underdog approach and realize we need to make a stronger effort to improve our country.