Movie Review: Transformers 2

I saw Transformers 2 twice yesterday back to back.

First I saw it in iMax but that was kinda a bummer because it wasn't the real iMax. I saw Star Wars when it premiered on the REAL iMax screen on Halloween night. So it had the huge screen and the crazy loud speakers. But I guess the guy who owns Harkins at the Arizona Mills Mall beefed with iMax so now he doesn't let regular movies get played in there cuz it cuts into his profits. So the iMax I watched it in had a superb picture but a weak sound system but the screen was way smaller than the REAL iMax.

After that, I checked it out on a regular Harkins theater in Chandler, AZ. The sound in the regular theatre was better than the iMax but I sat next to some dumb ass teenagers that would not shut up the whole time. I seriously almost snapped and told them to shut the eff up but I could tell they were kinda poor and I didn't want to embarrass them so I just tolerated it. I didn't get home until 12:30 AM.

I think the sequel was 100 times better than the first movie. Way funnier. Crazier action sequences. The fighting was awesome. I gave the first one a 10/10 but this second one was a 8/10 because there were certain things that bothered me.

::: Spoilers :::

One - They did a poor job of introducing the new characters. In the first movie they all introduced themselves to Sam one at a time. They could have done the same thing in the second movie when all the Autobots were in the hanger. When the jack ass guy who was appointed by the President showed up, that was a perfect time for them to introduce themselves. They could have foreshadowed their use later in the movie. Like have Sideswipe practicing his fight moves. And there was very little if any dialog between the autobots themselves. For example... who the hell was the Autobot that used the electricity to rebuild Optimus with Jetfire's parts?

Two - Too many silly characters. I think the Twins were fine, but Jetfire should have had a Gandolf quality to him. He was more like a clown than a wise old man. And then when he created a time bridge? Dumb... he is a Blackbird for pete's sake. He should have just went mach 10 and flew to Egypt with the people riding inside him. Sooooo dumb.

Three - What happened to the Twins? They just disappeared. Last time you saw them, they were walking under Devastator. And if they could combine as vehicles why not as an awesome robot so they could fight Devastator?

Four - If you can take out Devavstator with one shot off a rail gun? Why not Megatron or the Fallen for that matter?

Five - Duplicate Decepticons. I could not look past that. Never... were there duplicates in the Cartoon. Each robot was an individual. You cannot have more than one of the same Decepticon. If you can have 2 Bone Crushers, why can't you have 2 Megatrons?

Six - They failed to use Megatron again, for what he is... an awesome cannon. He should have transformed into some dope gun turret that the Fallen or Star Scream used to shoot back at all the tanks that were attacking. Or better yet, transformed into a great cannon to take the battle ship out before it hit Devastator with the rail gun. That would have left Devastator intact for a huge brawl with Super Prime.

Seven - And for all the awesomeness Optimous possessed, they failed to capture how bad assed he really was when he added Jetfires parts.

So with that said, this is my favorite action movie off all time but I feel that they didn't take advantage of certain things.