Movie Review: XMen Origins

The problem I had with the movie was that they made Wolverine look like a pussy. He was too emotional. I guess maybe in the beginning he starts out like that and then he losses his memory and becomes a bad ass. But if you took his claws off and put him in a bar, he'd get his ass kicked. Without his claws he's just a male model. He was all pussy whipped over that girl and just overall to emotional. IN the comics, he was more of a biker who didn't give a shit but also wasn't a wreckless killer.

Like that part where she makes him come back and give her a kiss in front of all the guys. I don't think Wolverine would have ever done that.

Also... I thought his girlfriend was Asian?

I guess some of the ideas of the Marvel universe bother me. For example, if you can slice bullets with your katana, you shouldn't have a problem cutting a person. And Cyclop's eyes ate the baddest weapons in the movie. If you can chop down whole nuclear plants, you shouldn't have a problem fighting people. And the part where Dead Pools eyes still work even though his head gets cut off? That makes no sense.

I would have liked to see Wolverine take more damage than he did.

Deadpool really pissed me off. Because Deadpool never had swords put into his skin. That whole part was dumb to me because you wouldn't be able to bend you arms if you had swords in your arms. I guess I am too old school about it. Because I knew that Sabretooth was always supposed to be Logans father but they changed that just a few years ago.

Last but not least... mercury bullets slow Wolverine down, not adamantium.

I gave it a 7...