Movie Review: The Departed

::: Don't Judge :::

The first time I watched this movie, I did not pick up on any gay undertones.

I know a lot of guys who throw words around like "fag and "homo" and none of them are gay.

But my sister watched the movie and when she called me, the first thing she told me was that Costello and Colin are gay or at least had a gay relationship.

Naturally I didn't see how she made that connection but... my sister reads a lot of books and picks up on cues. Like when she watched Thomas Crown Affair, she immediately figured out who the girl/imposter painter was. She says good writers don't have random useless characters and dialog. There is usually intent and motives in all of their words.

So as far as Costello and Colin go:

Watch how they communicate. Remember when Costello is on the phone and when he gets off, his lady makes a joke about him being gay because of his foul homophobic language? And he gets really mad? Then she tells him she will straighten him out?

Or how Colin is impotent.

And how Costello was making fun of Colin and his relationship with the shrink. Colin says Costello called at a bad time. Most assume it's because he was kissing the shrink and to a degree, that is right. My sister says it is because Colin can't come off as straight when he has to talk to Costello.

And in the adult film theatre... Colin says he isn't surprised Costello owns the place? Because he is aware of how perverted Costello is. And in the same scene, he pleads with Costello to believe that he is really good at lying. And then says Costello should KNOW how good he is at lying, because they keep their relationship a secret.

I was having this debate with a friend and I decided to see if there were any ramblings of this in the IMDB forums as proof.

Anyway, watch the movie again, like I just did on FX and think about those two and then watch how they meet each other, and how they communicate.

Read more here at IMDB!

And for the record, I have nothing against gay people. I just thought this was fascinating because I didn't catch it and then my sister mentioned it. You thought?


blctxt said...

That is crazy dude. I never caught that and I've watched that movie 1000 times. Could it be that this was an undertone in the original Asian film between these two characters?

Ominous Red said...


I never even knew there was an Asian version. Guess I need to go watch that version now. And since it was Asian... I would almost be certain that there was some gay undertones. No disrespect to my people, LOL. They just have a funny sense of the world that way.

I can't take any credit though. My sister is the only reason I know this. And the IMDB forums seem to be backing me up.

blctxt said...

Yeah mane. I gotta get on the Asian version to see if the film was done justice. The boards at IMDB seem to be backing you quite nicely.