So my album is almost done. I am shooting for this month. I am thinking about censoring the curse words. Covering them up with sound effects like WuTang used to do. What do you think?


Jason@PSB said...

My answer: do what you're comfortable with.

It's like me, personally, when I DJed and made mixtapes I tried doing it with the dirty versions, but it didn't/doesn't feel right. That's not me. I don't talk that way, fo the the most part, so when I mix, I mix the clean versions. Sometimes for specific reasons I might add a dirty version, but there's a reason behind it. It represents me.

I feel, or rather assume, that we are a bit alike- that's why I read your blog... Salt of the Earth, caught somewhere in the middle. Not quite a pastor, more like an ambassador. A sinning saint. More faith than works, striving to be a good example without shoving it down the receiving end's throat. Constantly battling. Am I wrong?

Be comfortable in your work. You represent you first, and whatever else second. You sign your own name. You paint your own picture.

Ominous Red said...

You hit the nail on the head, dead on spot son. Very OMINOUS how accurate that was. Pun intended.

I am totally stealing that from you and using that. I am probably gonna turn that into a tattoo... for real.

That's some great perspective. Sword sounds and dog barks over the curse words.

Since we are so much alike, you understand how thankful I am.

You stopped DJ'ing? Sup with that? World needs more DJs...