Nas + Ghostface + Jay Z = Dope!

You can follow and see more here at the hosting site:



Not only was the idea dope, the execution was will. As the site says, this project is the reinvention of the remix. Not only did they drop beats to the existing acappellas, they reformed the content to tell a story.

Very dope.

The beats were dope.

You end up coming to this link to download the audio:



blctxt said...

I found this jawn back in December.
I can't wait for the rest of it.
It's like they did what all NY MC's should do now.
Be dope if there was a screenplay to come out of this *hopes Hype Williams is listening*

Ominous Red said...

I wish it got more exposure.

I just found it at illmuzik.com posted by this cat named Classic. I downloaded it and sat on it for a while and then I finally listened to it. There were some dope remixes in that project.

If he had some Flash skills he could make his own visual presentation online.

Dope concept.