Balance and the Traveling Sounds

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Fusing Hip Hop to Jazz to Neo Soul to Rock and everything in between. Balance and the Traveling Sounds are just what they say they are “balanced”. The group is the evolution of live instruments meeting hip hop sampling and beat making laid over raw lyrics by KIRB and killer soulful vocals by Alvin. The music speaks for it self, relaying a revolutionary message of uniting all cultures and musical backgrounds together. Each member has a truly unique character about them and brings a truly unique quality to the band. KIRB (MC), EBO (producer), Alvin (singer) Julian Hogan (drums), Jeff Kolhede (sax), Ryan Kern (guitar), and Blake Estrada (bass) make up the BTS (Balance and The Traveling Sounds). From Ryan’s killer guitar riffs to Jeff’s amazing Sax solos to Blake’s throw down bass lines to KIRB’s inspiring lyrics to Alvin’s soulful heartfelt singing to Julian’s extraordinary timed drumming over EBO’s vision of a hip hop beat. BTS is defining them selves as a hip-hop, jazz, funk, and soul band like no one has ever done before.

"Our Traveling Sounds are Pleased to Meet You"

Here is a free download to some of their work: