The 4th Miltown Beat Battles Part 1

H2O - Miltown Beatdown - DeVito vs Bonafied from h2omagonline on Vimeo.

DeVito's first beat was dope. Cat's here in Nashville love that soldier snare pattern. Bonafied's sample sound selection didn't sound as dope as DeVito's but his compositions are dope to me. Like the synth effect he had on the second beat just made it seem like he had a better sound to his work.

H2O - Miltown Beatdown - Adlib vs Bent Halo from h2omagonline on Vimeo.

Bent Halo lost but he got my vote. That beat was dope.

H2O - MILTOWN BEATDOWN - Super Ego vs. Reason from h2omagonline on Vimeo.

Dope. I was expecting something a little more from Super Ego's sample. You can't sample something that big and then have a basic ass beat over it.

H2O - Miltown Beatdown - Jooney Dubz vs. Black Adder from h2omagonline on Vimeo.

Geeeeeeezus! The first beat in this video by Jooney was nuttz. But Adder's chops were dope. But I think what got him was that his drums didn't hit as hard. His attacks in his chops weren't as aggressive as Jooney's. I would have voted for Jooney but I really liked Adder's chops.

H2O - Miltown Beatdown - Jank One vs. White Russian from h2omagonline on Vimeo.

White Russian's beat was real mellow. Some classic flip sh*t. Jank's chops are similar to something I would do. Kinda experimental. I knew a lot of people wouldn't go for that beat over Russian's though.

H2O - MILTOWN BEATDOWN - Sam Winters vs Big Stae Puft from h2omagonline on Vimeo.

Stae Puft had that 80's rock love ballad beat with the drums over the top. I'm not a huge fan of that. Sam's beat was dope but had no bottom end.