Robots are the iLLest...

I jacked this video from over at nexus404. They have all the goods if you are an electronic junky. It is very cool to see what kind of gadgets are released in other countries. I guess Cell Phones in America suck because companies want to make as much money as possible while Europe has phones that allow you to speed purchase things like vending machine sodas and chips just by using your phone. Some of my fav entrees:

R2D2 Soy Sauce

Cassette iPod Case


shonsteez said...

HAHA, somehow i missed this one. That robot was the shit! Im surprised people can make shit like this.

Ominous Red said...

If I had more time, I would totally be into robots and robot models. Ohh well. One of the many hobbies I wish I could get into... like RC cars, Euro Tuning, boxing, MMA, Tattoos, Graf, etc.

I guess you can buy the kits to make these robots and use software to program them to move the way you want them to.