It's kinda like Geocaching. I don't know if it is going to catch on but it seems like the kind of thing that adventure seekers would grab a hold of and have fun with. Especially since flash drives are soooo cheap now. I might use it as a way to guerilla market. Find a nice deal on cheap 128mb flash drives. Copy some pics and MP3s to it and then leave it around malls for kids to find.

Might generate some secret buzz. Maybe not.


shonsteez said...

You got some interesting posts lately..haha.
Its actually something i would have never thought of.
Seems like it would only be effective if you left it somewhere that it would really get passed on tho, like a High School, etc.??

Ominous Red said...

High School and the mall. And unfortunately I don't know if people would pass it on. They would just keep it. But.... if you could score a bulk amount of 256mb flash cards cheap, like 50 dollars for 100 cards, it might be worth it. Check these guys out...


I requested a quote to see what the price would be.

shonsteez said...

Yo Ive seen little ones like 16mb jump drives in the check out lines at target for 5 bucks. lol. They got to be serious pieces of shit but if your just throwing it away essentially anyways that would be the way to go.