Game Review: RTS Games on XBox 360

My first experience with RTS games was on my Dell laptop and it was the Command and Conquer Decade Edition that had like all 10 Command and Conquer games that were released at the time included in it. I bought it at Target for 30 bux. I have owned, Supreme Commander, Universe at War, Civilization, Lord of the Rings, and all three Command and Conquer titles for the XBox 360.

What is fun about these kind of games to me, RTS games, is THE BATTLE.

How large the scale of the battle and how well that scale is controlled by the player along with how good the game looks is how I gauge the quality in each game.

Does it look good?

Is it easy to control?

Do the armies feel like armies?

Do the weapons actually feel like they destroy sh*t?

Instead of just controlling one soldier like you do in a First Person Shooter, you get to control the whole army. And instead of having 5 guys working with you while the other 5 jackasses on your team like going Rambo, you can control the whole army and actually develop a strategy and make your army work together.

Battle for Middle was really slow and glitchy when your armies got big but I enjoyed the movie so much that it was very fun controlling the Witch King and the Ents. Because I was a fan of the movie, it made the game fun. I think the new Halo Wars RTS game has the same thing working for it.

Supreme Commander has the best zoom and zoom out features. You can zoom out and see the whole map. You also could set patrol paths and have your units do laps and basically patrol and area instead of just sit there. They also had the largest scale. Huge armies with tons of different kinds of units and their mega weapons, were mega. This was the only game I played with Shields. Nuclear explosions that felt nuclear. But, this game was also the most taxing on my 360. I actually had about 3 freezes out of maybe 50 skirmishes. And they had the worst graphic designs for their units. The Halo Wars game has great graphics. But the zoom is not strong and I didn't feel the presence of a SUPER weapon.

Universe at War had the widest degree of differences between factions but the game also ran a little slow when armies got big. The ability to control a huge Mech, bigger than actual buildings in the game, was very fun. But man it was slow. The "patch" system was also a bit annoying to me. The fight system for Halo War seems very simple and fun. But the factions look like they operate exactly the same. Your units and base look different but it looks like you build them the same way and your enemies have the same army structures and execution. So it is hard for me to see the Strategy in the game that you get in other titles like Command and Conquer. This seems more like Madden. 11 against 11. Pats VS Steelers. Tit for tat.

The first Command and Conquer has the worst control schemes out of all the console RTS games but they fixed that with Kane's Wrath. I still play Kane's Wrath daily as I have yet to have accomplished all of Kane's challenges. So far, Kane's Wrath has the best balance of great graphics, awesome units, easy control and real application of strategy in my opinion.

My favorite thing to do in each RTS is, build the biggest and baddest base, developing the strongest weapons you can while growing the biggest rawest army you can.

I just uploaded a bunch of XBox RTS game footage to my youtube channel for those of you who are interested.

And I will get some footage of the Scrin Faction in Command and Conquer as well as some highlights from Halo Wars for anyone who wants to know why that game is dope.

I had a 1 hour skirmish the other day and I just had to shut the game off. Very fun...