Birdman - Pop Bottles

Since I moved out here to Nashville, I am trying to get some work in this Genre called Southern Hip Hip. This link is the whole project for you other cats that want to flip a remix out of it. And if anyone else uses Logic, ahem STEEZ, and sees my settings are way off, just tell me what I am doing wrong or how you would mix it down in my blog.




Geniuz said...

It seems like everything is over saturated with compression. Maybe because you have the drums compressed, then on top of that, the overall output is compressed again giving you that type of sound.

The quality of the acapella seemed alittle grity but I usually keep everything "pure" unless it really needs some fine tuning. But maybe on the overall track itself, you can put some kind of limiter on it to boost the levels.

I noticed you used the drums from ultrabeat .... Do you ever use the EXS24? That's all I use for drums .... it's like a sampler. So all the drum sounds I had in my MPC are now in the EXS24. It gives me that bang and crack that the MPC did.

holla at ya boy!

- G

(mad scientist from illmuzik)

Ominous Red said...

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

I do mix to a Compressor and then compress individual tracks. I am going to stop doing that. I also do use an Adaptive Limiter on the overall mix and I am starting to get away from that. I also have a tendency to make things loud without comparing them to anything. You will see in my next beats and videos that I am using a different approach to be a little more accurate with mixing and achieving a better quality sound.

I just did some Jay Z and Nas remixes and I used a different mixing technique where I adjust each track individually and then see if I can make it loud piece by piece and then... maybe apply an overall filter or effect like limiting and compressing.

I don't use the EXS24 that much because it takes so long to load the sounds up. I haven't learned the interface as well i should have. I pull sounds into the Ultrabeat like and MPC sampler. And I was trying see if the stock sounds were decent in the program so I can avoid sampling issues, LOL.

But I am going to put in some serious hours over the next 5 days cuz my old lady is out of town and I am trying to make this Nas track submission deadline...

Thanks again for the feedback.

More remix kits to come.