One of my latest remixes. Just some more practice.


CONCEP famous negro artist said...

Dope!!!!! I have like sevenhundred and twelve questions about reason to get at you about. Be hittin' you up soon sun. I've had it for a grip but lost my first harddrive with a lot of my older stuff so I just got 4' and a axium 25 to f* around but i'm on jumkie status with it again and this time really wanna learn more. Soon as I get something i'm confident with i'll exchange. Been making like kinda alternative hiphop and house. I have 2 go thru mad more of your post.

Ominous Red said...

List the questions and send them to me. I can whip up a vid just for you. I use the old version of Reason, 3.5.

I refuse to upgrade. Or should I say my wallet refuses to upgrade.

You can also go up to "File" and embed any external samples you are using and then you can email me the file and I can look at it if you want. That was the cool thing about Reason. If you build the beat totally within Reason, you file sizes are super small. You need to start posting your beats on your blog.

I would love to see what you are coming up with.

Reason is one of the best programs I have ever used for experimenting with music.