Transformers 2

After I saw the trailer for Transformers 2, I went nuts and dug around on forums and websites looking for more information. Leaked scripts. Leaked images. I can;t sit around waiting for the movie. I need to know what is going down right now. There were all the pictures I could find. If you guys got anything, give it to me.

I jacked a lot of these from Ben Proctor's portfolio.


L said...

incinerator is a beast!

yo, i found like two transformer 1 movie figurines here in a $10 store. i was trippin' cuz in tha states i know them shitZ would cost more? i took both of them cuz im greedy. lol

Ominous Red said...

Hahahahaha! Greed is good. You needs to start ebaying that stuff. You letting the little man play with the cool toys now? He's so lucky.

CONCEP famous negro artist said...

dope concept sketches, the septicon had me buggin' is the motorcycle jawn' really in the new movie?

Ominous Red said...

I believe the are about 3 motorcycles in the movie. In that teaser trailer, they showed 2 of them. You had to be a super nerd to see them like I am. Right after that Autobot crashes through the building and transformers while he is running. You see two small transformers chasing him. The rumor is, those are the motorcycles.