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L said...

lovin how tha pageeee is movin' these days.

and i wish i was rich too, u know how many shoes i would buy ova here in japan?! im gun be meetin tha owner of a store i been peepin' prob. within' tha next two weeks and they gun be carryin' girly gear at the end of feb. ima be in trouble..........

ima be goin to a dj event on feb. 14th. excited to be around music more brO, foreal.

hope all is good, we haven't talked lately, u gotta let me know where things been goin since oct.

Ominous Red said...

I am trying to get a routine down. I am close but not quite there. Workout. Make a beat video. Post it on the blog with some other tom foolery. Eat some dinner.

So far all I been doing is eating.

You gotta video tape your DJ session and post the video. Or better yet, if they have an internet connection, you should post a live video feed for your fans to watch you cut it up. Beat box in between each song! LOL.

Or wait... is it gonna be a slow dancing kinda thing since it is on the 14th and you have the low and sexy voice? Valentines Day style?

I should have some ish up before the end of the month. Finishing a KOS remix album and my own crap.

We'll See.

I'm watching you dawg. You see me sneak over to your blog from time to time.