Do you have a Concep?

::: Vivid Sh*t :::
I been meaning to post this.

Sometimes you find somebody... and you think to yourself, "Man, I would switch places with this person with no problem." I call it the 300. You see, Bun B. would say "keep it one hundred". The Roots would say "100 Percent Dundee." But I reserve 300 for cats that are going 3 times as hard as the average. Those are the Sensei. You watch and you take notes off these kinds of cats. Click on the photo and see for yourself what I am talking about.



L said...

he is an amazin' artist indeed and truly inspirational... he deserves tha shout so thanks for spreadin' tha "CONCEP" fam!

Ominous Red said...

You know I'm all about that networkery.

If I can get this movement going, hopefully I will get some attention and spread that around to all the dope people I know like you and concep and steez.

I keep telling everyone to get ready cuz there is about to be a bunch of random people coming around because I am about to go hard, LOL.

I am sooo close to being finished.

I freak'n can't wait.

L said...

your success has always been in my thoughts, my positive thinkin' and i'm sure that is why we still connect...

it's weird but ive been blessed to stay in contact with concep, you and other amazing artists in general because of 03-04 myspace.

you are diligent with your love/work, i believe in you but u knew that already. :)

ps. just hire me for voice work and i'll be happy! <3 lol