Rocked in the face...


This is a huge list of people who need to get rocked in the grill. Here were my suggestions:

Girls who get mad at you because you made eye contact with her and she thinks you want her… but you don’t. Also known as the dress super slutty and get mad cuz guys are looking at me girl.

Movie snobs who hate blockbuster movies for the sake of hating them.

Mr. I hate Transformers the Movie Guy aka Mr. I hate anything from the eighties that have been tainted with newer technology.

People who don’t watch TV because their lives are so cool and adventurous.

People who only listen to bands that have a fan base of 200 people.

People who count calories out loud and add up your calories for you.

I take my shoes off at my desk while I work guy. Don’t pay my fair share of the lunch tab guy.

I like to insult people but cover them up with jokes guy.

My story is cooler than your story guy.

I like your idea but here is how I am going to make it better guy.

People who think they are too cool for Facebook or Myspace.

Super tight T-Shirt guy.

People who have too many requests when they order food at a restaurant. Can you double dip my french fries? My ice cubes are too big…

The “You know what I like to do” guy. Also known as the “You Know What You Oughta do” guy.

You guys must have never dealt with an ungrateful homeless person because if you did you would realize that they take the cake. I used to work on Central and I-17 in PHX and let me tell you, I had a coworker almost rock a hobo in the grill once because the hobo rolled up on us and instead of ASKING for a dollar, he TOLD us what he needed us to do for him.