LoDeck and Omega One

::: LoMega :::

sshhh....wingspan...o-town aint nothin ta fuk with

This aint Mars/this aint even a decent Earth
These aint my old thoughts
This is a recent verse.
This is where I force my words
to form deformed chords
and rock a bullet on a chain
the way Jesus would floss if he bought
a gold-plated cross (gully)
Play on coiled soil
Next home Max resorts.
I smell skin, muscles, drones
Mouth foams
Taste floats like sinners in a Dead Sea,
Row, row, row ya boat
Go beserk.
Anything to get the curse to work. BOO!
I escape science like a dejavu,
Robert Parrish syndrome, get a clue,
still posting up.
Calmness, tea time, ripples in the murderer's cup.
Solid gold to buy a pack a Cinnaburst.
Change left my pocket like a clumsy bomb,
World piece in one explosive bar.
Can you spread the beautiful disease?
Close, but no cigar.


spread it for me, baby...
I wanna see a lil somethin
you enjoy the areal view?
I keep knockin shit over.
and nothing really really matters
and everything falls down...
its a beautiful disease....
its a beautiful disease this Earth,

verse 2

Hungry aint the word for the wild kid/there's nuttin left to spit
Just "AYOs" and the moment hell froze...
Algorhythms to count the dead crows from the Nile,
what else?
Sit in dark heaven and hit eL's till you can't stand up.
Santaria got you lightin candles and what?
You live with the gut, scrap the brain and the heart.
Sentimentals stay blunt.
You got music? Thats hot!
We could be buddies or NOT!
Im from that one spot where the axis tilts
cause the planet's been snuffed
and I aint 'descended', I came down candid,
one cold morning at complete random,
suspended on that rusty cable.
With a scissor kick
in a monumental stupor where you cant force
some witty shit.
Like its really the last days.
Even fortune tellers got chrystal-ball-kissin-AIDS.
Soap operas show no penetration, lets blaze...

that means FUCK for all ya suburban chicks.
I got JAKPROGRESSO in tha house
I got Chum Chopz in tha house
I got Blockhead in tha house
I got jOHNNY23 on my mind...
Its a beautiful disease this Earth,
What a beatiful disease this Earth...
yea yea yea, anyway... drugs...

verse 3
Drugs kill fear.
Fear kills people from the insides,
twingin like eggs on that sizzlin pan.
We bout to Bash IT!
My passion with no breaks still got me
crashin in the a.m.
Sun leaks mayhem.
Hemlock fills veins like a colorful mosaic,
strategic jumping jacks display it.
Mondrian insides painted.
Sell it to whoever hits the high note and fall
silent forever.
ever ever. Its a long time, evurrr....

Its a beautiful disease, this Earth...
-LoDeck 2002.

So I was riding with one of my boys in his truck, blazed out. He sifts though beats in his iPod. Probably gives each song about 20 seconds. Long enough to hear the beats. All i usually care about is the beats. But then, we hit this song with the illest beat. So then we start buggin out. Because everything LoDeck was saying was genius. I'm kinda slow and somewhat of a hermit so I am ashamed to say I never heard of Lodeck. I know who Aesop Rock is, but I don't groupie these dudes like I should and learn about who is all a part of the inner circle. But I must say.... I was super sleep on this cat.

Next day, sober... I didn't understand sh*t he was saying.


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Omega One